Silent Bug Out Bag

Keep Silent When The Time Comes to Bug-Out

If you’ve ever noticed, most stories about thieves tell a tale of people who are stealthy as they move around, they will be deathly quiet and will pass unnoticed while they steal what they want and then get cleanly away, while remaining ultra-quiet.

That’s because the thief knows that making sounds attract attention. While you may not be such a creature, you would do well to act like one as you prepare to bug-out in order to get out quickly and get to a place of safety away from any trouble that gives you cause for concern.

So keep in mind that all of your party needs to be absolutely quiet and this also includes any gear they are carrying because any metalic noise like canteens banging together could spell disaster for you all. It should be all taped up allowing no noise whatsoever to come out of you bug-out-bag or anything carried on your person.

This is one area that so many people fail to check ahead of time. Then disaster strikes, they grab their bug-out-bag and take off. But they’re leaving behind a sound trail that can alert others to their location.

Sounds travel even more so at night, it can attract the attention of anyone nearby and they can also echo. Depending on what’s making the noise, the sound can reverberate all around giving cause for any predator or unsavory charactures straight to you.

Before the bug out situation ever happens, once your bag is packed, you need to check it to see if you’re able to move it without it making any noise. Don’t just pick it up and put it down, if its a back-pack wear it and go for a jog and is any sounds is made strip it and find out what it is and sort it out.

Rearrange your bag if you have to so that it remains silent. What some preppers do is pack their bug out bag, making sure it’s quiet, then set it aside somewhere, not thinking about it again until the day of crisis happens. That is the correct way to go about it. If you want yourown detailed guide you can get one here for Free Here

Then they grab it and go. The problem with that is that things can shift due to heat expansion, cold weather and then someone or something goes bumping into your the bag the last thing you want to hear is noise like a metalic clang,  especially if the bag isn’t tightly packed remember sounds carry more at nigt.

Make sure that nothing is rattling, shifting, crinkling or clanging together. You also want to make sure your bag doesn’t give any creaking or scratching sounds when you’re on the move.

It needs to be comfortable too, there may not be time to adjust in on the move, check it out carefully as detailed in this Free Guide.