Economic Collapse


Call For a General Strike in the UK 1972

The Chances of an Economic Collapse are Always a Threat

 If you recall what happened only a few short years ago, with the financial crisis in Greece, Italy and even the larger countries such as France and Germany and the United States are not totally imnune from an Economic Collapse

So, apart from the financial losses, civil unrest, food shortages then leading to the more serious problems like Power cuts that I personally have not seen since the power cuts back in the seventies. That occurred in the United Kingdom as a result of 1970’s huge industrial action of the Mineworkers, the Steel Men, Transportation Links


The Miners Strikes of 1972 caused power cuts around the country.

, it all came to lead to the Power Station into rationing the Electricity in order to keep some balance of power by having certain periods of the day when some homes would be left without electricity. This was usually at night making everyone scurry to find candles and oil lamps some of which had not seen use since the times of War.

So, the chances of one or more countries suffering an economic collapse isn’t a work of fiction or a threat, it is already here! You wouldn’t necessarily believe that from reading the news.

The news doesn’t have access to the top secret insider information that the government does. The truth is that trouble is already knocking on someones door. Take a minute to check what’s going on in the world. Not the headlines about the latest scandal, I’m talking about the hidden tales of individual countries trying to keep ther heads about water.

The Countries Debt is what has the ability to topple Governments and to bring the country to its knees. The Economic Collapse can affect many countries in todays modern world. Most countries both lend and borrow money in huge quantities and rather like your own credit rating, if you are good and can mantain repayments then all is well. But if you default then the Banks or the Governments can call in their debt and effectively bankrupt the nation involved.

I cannot think of one country that is free from debt, not one single country is fiscally solvent and yet all of these countries keep going further into debt like there will never be any consequences.

But there will be a reckoning when economic collapse happens and when it does, it’s not going to be pretty. Once the economy goes belly up, you’re going to see lives thrown off balance and the upheaval is going to become a fight for survival and not everyone will survive because they’re not prepared.

When an economy fails, people will panic, first they will try to get all of their money put of their bank, because they will feel that they will need money to survive. However the Banks will have been closed by then, The Governement has done it before, they will close their dooors in order to prevent the Banks going under, if they do not survive they will never reopen and the Government cannot allow that to happen.

So, normal life is going to suddenly stop, all of this with very little warning, a few insiders may know or at least suspect its about to happen. The few who do may try to leave the country to find a safe harbour, but if one country goes, others will topple with it. This is because all the major banks are linked. So what effects one in one country can also impact another in a different contry.

Without being able to get their hands ontheir own money, people will grow even more panicked in the mistaken belief that they need money to survive, but in the realms of survival money is going to have little influance on who survives and who doesn’t.

Food is going to determine who initially survives, but no doubt help will be there eventually, the governments will have little choice but to to feed the people, they wouldn’t just let people starve would they? It certainly males you think huh?

Crimes will rise as people steal, fight and even kill for a way to survive. Riots will become more common. Looting will become commonplace in many towns and cities. People will riot, fires will be lit as people vent their anger at the whole situation. Property and people alike will be destroyed.


USA Martial Law Troops & Police

As a society crumbles into a financial dystopian free-for-all landscape, in an effort to regain control, the government will start calling in the troops. Martial law will go into effect and some order may be resolved, but I’m sure by now you can imagine the country is no longer what it was.

With troops controlling the streets, your movents will be controlled, even your liberty could be impacted depending upon where you live. With crime and violence on the increase a curfew may even be enforced.

Eventually Martial Law could be introduced, regular laws will be suspended. You will


Martial Law In Boston USA

do as the government says. But hopefully you will be fed and to a degree looked after but much depends now, if the utilities are still working , the lights, the power plant, the water services and sanitation and gasworks. If those begin to go offline then the country as a whole is going to be in a real jam.

Plan To Survive

That’s why you need to have contingency plans, I’m not just talking about the prospects of an Economic Collapse, it could be any anything from a full blown War to Terrorist Activity.  The earlier you begin to plan the easier you will have it and you need to keep the list of people who know your plans to as smaller number as possible.

Rule 1. Make sure that all of your money isn’t tied up in the bank. Gold is an option but be careful where you stash it, it must be secure but easy to get to.

2. Make up a Bug-Out-Bag ready to go for each member of the family sufficient for several days.

3. Keep your bug out bag ready to roll so that you can get out of an area the minute the trouble starts.

4. Have a safe place to go to, preferrably stocked already with as much food and water sufficient to last weeks if not months. This also means that you are going to need the medicines to cover all eventualities, a weapons stash may also be required. becuae if anyone knows you have supplies then you will become a target.

5. Have yourself plenty of sealed fresh water together if at all possible a back up source of water and the means to clean and disinfect it.

6. Power may become erratic so back up power will be reuied at somepoint but you don’t want to advertise this so you need to consider, the noise factor together with sight, you’ve heard the words “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” haven’t you? well then don’t giveaway your position by allowing smoke to show.

7. Communication may fail so ideally a radio, CB or Shortwave may help to keep in touch with trusted friends, but be careful not to giveaway to much about yourselves.

8. Have a second plan just in case.

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