Civil Unrest Is Disturbing


Civil Unrest Can Happen


Civil Unrest Can Happen

    Civil Unrest Does Happen!


If you think that Civil Unrest only occurs in South America or Africa then think again. Just check out some of the recent events that have occurred in the US alone, then again in London a few years back. In fact most cities have experienced it at some point.

Civil unrest has now become commonplace. It’s what happens when people get mad and decide that they’re going to protest or riot or hold demonstrations. Then you have two elements, the genuine protestors and the thugs who are there for the violence.

During times of civil unrest, chaos usually follows, regardless of how peaceful the protest first appears to be going. Anarchy will usually follow, it just seems to follow on each occasion. The norms of society break down and it becomes every man for himself. Trouble can boil over very quickly and swiftly sweeps up innocent civilians.

The original intention of the protesters then becomes lost beneath the herd mentality that takes over when large groups of people become angry. Authority is overthrown and the swell of those tearing down societies norms is often too much for local authorities to deal with.

You can’t control how people are going to behave. But you don’t have to be in a position


Fires are the Mobs Tool

where their behavior negatively affects your day to day living. Wherever there is civil unrest, you should give thought to bugging out in a hurry. Go stay with friends or whoever, even consider a Motel well out of harm’s way.

You could also set out a bug-out plan in this eventuality, with a couple of options and routes just in case your first route is compromised, just get well out of the way because at the center of chaos is where people get hurt or much worse. Then all you can do is wait it out. It makes sense to have a 2 to 3 day Bug-out Bag prepared in advance so you can just grab it and take off without having to get it together and then worry about forgetting something.

The other main point is to avoid the crowds when people swarm, injuries do occur. try not to let yourself become vulnerable. In civil unrest, people will often smash window, light fires, break into buildings and of course loot them.

Don’t get stuck in a building that can be targeted. If you are in a relatively safe place and can’t leave, make sure you fortify the place where you’re at. Those who are causing unrest are looking for easy targets, so if they can’t get to you then you should be safe, but on no account should you let yourself be seen. They don’t like to have witness’s either!!

These frenzied people want to loot and attack, no one will be safe and no stores will be left untouched, in London, we saw on live tv the mob ripping a steel protective shutter out of its rails so they could smash, loot and burn the property. There were even people in the flats above, luckily they got out of the back doors just in time.

You need to make sure you have a survival bag for each member of your family. Have all required medications, baby supplies, and important papers ready in your bags or available if you need to leave in a hurry. Have a safety deposit account for your important papers if you can. But your bug-out bag should carry your essentials for a least 3 days.

During looting the top three items to get taken are booze (alcohol), cigarettes and cash, because it’s easy to handle and hard to trace. Then follows baby supplies and food. It is often at this point that the angry mob targets the larger items, like tv’s and other electronic goods, but then they begin to turn on any other human prey they can find.

Even armed cops will stay out of the way until a much larger force arrives to back them up, so there is little point in arming yourself against the rioting mob, just give them what they want if you find yourself on the streets and the mob finds you, it may be the only way to remain alive and even then you may take a beating.

When there is civil unrest, the police often can’t get to certain areas to help victims, so make sure you take steps to prevent becoming one in the first place. Just stay away.

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